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Latest achievements

These are the latest achievements earned on the survival servers.

2020-04-09 at 3:30
Rave Party
Place 30 glowsticks
2020-04-09 at 3:00
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2020-04-09 at 1:30
Crimson Power
Place 2 stacks of redstone wire
2020-04-08 at 21:00
Taking Aim
Fire 128 arrows using a bow
2020-04-08 at 21:00
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2020-04-08 at 20:00
Revolving Door
Login at least 200 times
2020-04-08 at 19:30
Tough Love
Get kicked from the server
2020-04-08 at 19:00
Radiation Glow
Place 10 glowstone blocks
2020-04-07 at 22:30
Wise Old Man
Gain 5000 experience points in your lifetime
2020-04-07 at 22:30
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2020-04-07 at 22:30
Let's Rock-n-Roll
Create a jukebox
2020-04-07 at 22:30
Cold Hater
Create 20 furnaces
2020-04-07 at 17:30
Fragile Strength
Collect a stack of obsidian
2020-04-07 at 6:00
Pretty Useless
Pick up a stack of lapis ore
2020-04-07 at 5:30
Nature's Obliterator
Deal 50.000 points of damage
2020-04-07 at 4:30
Master Creator
Place 100.000 blocks
2020-04-07 at 2:30
Diamonds Are Shiny
Break a stack worth of diamond ore
2020-04-07 at 2:30
Radiation Glow
Place 10 glowstone blocks
2020-04-07 at 1:00
Place 10.000 blocks
2020-04-06 at 20:30
Frequent Visitor
Login at least 30 times
2020-04-06 at 20:30
Walk 42.195 meters
2020-04-06 at 3:30
My Precious
Craft a Golden Apple
2020-04-06 at 3:00
Machine Gun
Fire 1000 arrows using a bow
2020-04-06 at 2:30
Chatty Mouth
Say 10.000 words in chat
2020-04-06 at 1:00
Say 2000 words in chat


Endpoint cities contest results!

By Doctacosa, 22 March 2020 at 0:17 [Link]

The endpoint cities contest has wrapped up, our judges (xLordItachix, Rebbica007, Mikey_el16, Connovan) went across all eight cities to score each entry, and it's now time to announce the results! Here's each entrant with their total amount of points.

Top winner

First place bracket
ROEN_44: 214.5
axe_y: 211.5

Second place bracket
GingeKoda: 210.5
Pteryx: 200.5
Doctacosa: 190
Coneva: 158

Third place bracket
Twixxi_: 100
bandr500: 78.5
Manly_Whiskers: 56.5

Other participants
MerderMerl: 28
PuppetMstrRoxas: 28
JRandomizer: 27.5
BroItsTag: 23

CanadianAce2016: Incomplete
Connovan - Judge
Rebbica007 - Judge

The contest results page has a slightly different layout due to the format on this contest, featuring a single screenshot for each city. You're encouraged to go tour them and visit each entry! Each endpoint city now has a TARDIS and a Nether portal (in Rodinia), making travel easier. Alternatively, use the overworld rails and enjoy the scenery!

Each participant will have their Merit Points within a few minutes. To obtain your vouchers and mystery science bundles, please contact xLordItachix in-game! Congrats everyone!

As a reminder, the Merit Points you earn can be used for various perks! Flight, keep inventory, invisibility, TARDIS access, weather control, and doubled XP drops! You can type /points in-game to view your current score and to use them to enable the perks. More information here.

Merit Vouchers are used to get access to special items, heads of key players in the Creeper's Lab history, items from past events and more! Visit the fifth floor of Moosemart to view the full list, there's bound to be something you'll like!


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