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Sculpting contest results!

Posted by Doctacosa on 9 December 2014 at 20:51 [Link]

Eleven people braved 3,375 blocks of various materials, delicately (or not) hacking away to get a shape out of the solid form. The various sculptures have been rated by three judges, Anonymous_SoFar, MediaKlepto and WindRider739 and given a score from 0 to 10. Without further delay, THE WINNERS:

- First place: Sphenicus
- Second place: Henry_Jaime
- Third place: DrCossack

Congratulations! The full list of entries, along with screenshots and everyone's scores, can be seen on the results page.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the event, and my thanks go to Anonymous_SoFar for bringing up this original idea and running the whole operation!

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1 comment

Woo! Good job people. I would have voted for the Boat too.

SPHENing SPHENin, over the bounding main!

And piece of trivia regarding my build: With the exception of 4 blocks, the cube is a mirror image from top to bottom. Further trivia, it is designed so you can go from the bottom to the top without having to fly (hence the need for the 4 un-synchronous blocks). Last piece of trivia: I did not carve out 4 other blocks from my prototype on single-player.


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