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15 March 2024 at 22:38
Now on 1.20.4!
From Doctacosa

At long last, the Creeper's Lab has made the jump to Minecraft 1.20.4! This is now the recommended version to play, so I suggest you update your client today. Please read on for some useful information on what changed.

There were several technical challenges with this update, which is why it took so long to happen. There are no gameplay changes or new items, so you can carry on with your usual building or exploration. Some of you had been getting weird error messages while getting disconnected abruptly, you should now have fewer of these.

This update means that the chat will no longer throw you warnings whenever you join or change worlds. However, a side effect is that the chat history clears whenever you move between servers. This is from a client change in the game itself. I'm planning something to decrease its impact.

A common complaint in the past months has been the list of online players, in the tab menu, displaying only the players in your current server. Good news - that's fixed! You now get a view of the entire network.

Please note that the following science and challenge areas will be closed under further notice, as they need more maintenance. We don't know yet how long it will take for them to reopen:

  • Snowhead
  • Shattered Sands
  • Shoals of the Departed
  • Sarnath Necropolis
  • the End Dragon Priests
  • the Overworld Dragon Priests
  • the Hunters Lodge Monthly Raid Bosses
  • the Hunters Lodge Raid Lodge
  • the Lost Woods Hardmode Shrines
  • Kaer Morhen (Wychwood)

For now, have fun!

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