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18 July 2023 at 21:58
Building contest: surviving total ruin!
From Doctacosa

Some of you have asked, now it's time for the answer: yes, our next building contest is ready! This time, you will be building a hardened town, following Stone Ville's destruction!

The Granite Post, July 18th, 20XX

The mysterious disaster that ruined Stone Ville has left the authorities confounded. Despite the best efforts of the army, sent by the government to try and take back control, Stone Ville remains unsafe and off-limits.

The nearby town of Granite Town has been evacuated as a precaution, with the army using it as staging ground to observe the developing situation. They hope to contain whatever happened to the nearby city and observe how the situation develops.

Local businesses and homes have been taken over, while a large wall was quickly built on the western end of town as protection.

And that's our setting! Stone Ville has been destroyed, Granite Town evacuated, with the latter now being turned into a hardened defensive outpost.


Your goal in this contest is to build what would be a normal town structure, but redesigned as a defense from the nearby disaster. Think of a store being boarded up, a public library being turned into an army command post, a private residence with a surviving owner trying to hide, anything along these lines.

Multiple plots are available, with more being added if there's a need. Remove a sign marked "Free lot", place your name on it somewhere, and off you go. Each lot measures 25 x 25, excluding the fence corners. You can replace the corners if you wish, but coordinate with your neighbors on this.

You are free to build up or go down as much as you wish, although you're invited to keep it realistic.

You can build multiple entries if you wish, but only one will be judged on. Make sure to identify your entries somewhere and mark which entry to judge, if you have multiple.

Judging will be done on both the interior and exterior of each entry, so make sure to spend time on the two - and show that the previously cozy location was built up to survive against the odds!

To get there, first make your way to Stone Ville: on Laurasia, take the West Nether line. At the second substation (Salad Facts), disembark and take the line to Stone Ville, on the same floor. Once there, find the tunnel to Granite Town, go up the stairs, and you're there!

If you prefer to travel on the overworld, from Central, take the North Expressway up to Junction House Delta. Then, take the Outer Loop heading west until you reach Granite Town.


  • First Place: 50 Merit Points. 5 Merit Vouchers.
  • Second Place: 30 Merit Points. 4 Merit Vouchers.
  • Third Place: 10 Merit Points. 3 Merit Voucher.


The contest begins NOW and will end of Sunday 20 August, at 23:59 Eastern time.

If you're not planning to enter and would like to help with judging, please get in touch with Doctacosa.

Good luck!

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