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9 November 2022 at 19:39
Cimmeria reset recap
From Doctacosa

The apocalypse has wrapped up, the world has been reset, so say hello to Cimmeria v3!

The spawn town of Aditus has been kept, along with a buffer area around it. Everything else has been completely wiped and uses a new seed, so you can explore a fresh 1.19 world. This helps newcomers find a place to establish themselves more quickly, while regulars get a place to harvest supplies from.

As described last summer, from now on, Cimmeria will reset once in a while to make sure it remains usable to everyone, plus it opens up the door for new biomes as they get introduced to the game. The plan is to schedule these resets as needed, but no sooner than three months after the previous one. As such, the next one won't happen before next February.

The Pokémon Center that was added a few days ago lets you get mobs like horses and other finds to any of the other survival worlds.

For those curious to see the total amount of destruction that happened last month, I've generated two views of the world. One is just before the October event started, the second is after the world border collapsed to its minimum size. Click on both to view them at their full resolution!



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