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Event: Dripleaf Spleef!

Posted by Doctacosa on 24 November 2021 at 23:11 [Link]

Have you tried Dripleaf Spleef yet? Maybe you have and you want more. Or maybe you didn't and you'd like to give it a chance!

Well, Groovy's inviting you for an encore of his event from last month, with a spleef tournament! This will begin at 7pm Eastern Time this Sunday, the 28th. No special equipment necessary, just show up in Central and directions will be given. If you don't know how spleef works, don't worry - it's easy to pick up!

The top three competitors will earn the following:

  • First Place: 25 Merit Points. 3 Merit Vouchers.
  • Second Place: 15 Merit Points. 2 Merit Vouchers.
  • Third Place: 5 Merit Points. 1 Merit Voucher.

This event will be run by GroovyBanana. Interested in running your own events such as this one? You can do that by yourself!

Check out our pre-made templates, then reserve your event on the forums!

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