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Guilds: Grand Master Race Information

Posted by Twixxi on 24 June 2021 at 16:34 [Link]

When the Guild tasks reset on 1st July, some players will finally be able to obtain enough tokens to reach the rank of Master!

As we announced when the Guilds launched, the first person to claim the rank of Master in each Guild will be named the Grand Master of that Guild! As well as the prestige of the title and a seat in the Guild Council Chamber, each Grand Master will be rewarded with 50 Merit Points and a unique reward. You can only be Grand Master of one Guild, so choose wisely!

So that you can plan for the day, we can confirm that the Guild tasks will start to be reset at approximately 7pm EST on 1st July. Tasks have to be changed manually one at a time, so keep an eye on chat for announcements of when each Guildhall has been changed over.

To claim the Grand Master title, purchase the relevant Master Certificate from the Expert Guildhall in Superia, which costs 100 tokens. Then take your Certificate to the Master Guildhall in Gondwana and push the button at Reception. Unlike the other Guildhalls, there is a separate button at Reception for each Guild so that you are in full control of which one you redeem first. If you are the first player to reach the rank of Master in a Guild, and you have not already become Guild Master in another Guild, then you will automatically be granted the Grand Master role!


A few important things to note:

  • If you are going for Master in more than one Guild, remember that you will be given Grand Master only in the first unclaimed Guild that you redeem. Choose carefully.
  • Remember that clever workarounds to bypass challenge requirements are not allowed. Given the fact that this month includes a race element, people are specifically forbidden from preparing big stacks of blocks in advance to mine for the Miner's Guild Challenge. I will be checking, so go out in the world and find those resources properly!
  • In the interests of fairness, staff who are participating in the race are asked to travel between worlds via the lobby rather than switching directly.

Best of luck everyone. I'll be around on the day if there are any problems!

~Twixxi, Guild Leader


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