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Monthly challenges update: May 2021

Posted by Doctacosa on 1 May 2021 at 23:43 [Link]

Kenorland: Breaking Bed

Breaking Bed invites you: enter a brand new world, find the proper materials, then make and break a bed of each color. Each succesful bed break will give you one Merit Point, once per color. This means that you can earn up to 16 Merit Points this month!


For May, enjoy a Surf'n'turf special, with fishy Fun Towers and earthy Puebla Soldiers defending their domains of the Hunter's Lodge!

All Horsemen Quests have also been updated. See the Horseman Points Guide for an indepth look at the quests, points, and how to cash them in!


The quests have been rotated for the new month. For those who have been keeping up with gathering enough tokens, Superia's guildhall is now open with heightened targets, each worth even more points. Complete your work in Laurasia and Rodinia, then unlock these new doors!

If you need details on any of these, the wiki page about the Monthly Challenges is updated as soon as each of these is ready at the beginning of the month!

Building contest

Don't forget about our building contest at Levansk! It has just begun, and you have a full month available to design and build your entry. Go claim a lot and start working on ideas!


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