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Challenge: ANARCHY!

Posted by Doctacosa on 1 October 2020 at 21:13 [Link]

Dear journal,

That's it, I've messed up.

I've been banished from my home, sent to a faraway land with nothing but the clothes I was wearing. I'm alone, isolated in this new land. I haven't seen anyone else yet, but I have a bad feeling about this. I better gather supplies fast if I'm to survive here. I can never know what could happen next.

Even from them.

Are they after me? Of course they're after me. Everyone is after me. Well, I'll show them. I'll show them all what I'm made off!! THIS PLACE IS MINE!!!

I'm introducing this month a brand new type of challenge - ANARCHY! In this game mode, anything goes: your goal is to survive, build what you want, and defend yourself or go on the offensive against others... or even both! Our standard gameplay rules don't apply in Kenorland this month, raiding and PvP are allowed, it's everyone for themselves!

To give you a starting point, you have four goals you can try to achieve:

  • Kill a player: They're out to get you, better take the initiative!
  • Reach level 30: Make sure you survive against the elements and others.
  • Place a bucket of lava: Either as a defensive measure, or against someone else...
  • Craft an enderchest: Can your valuables be truly safe anywhere else?

Each goal successfully completed will net you 5 Merit Points at the end of the month, for a potential of 20 points.

Unlike UHC, you won't get kicked off if you die, so you can resume your operations right away.

To note, this being a near-lawless challenge world, you don't have access to any of the regular conveniences. The only existing protections in this instance of Kenorland are spawn and the four main railways (for your convenience), everything else is a free-for-all.

Good luck!

At the Hunter's Lodge, the spirit of Halloween is strong. A monster mash is underway for the month, with several themed bosses to be found all over the place. Go forth on a quest to find them all!

While we're on the subject of Halloween, preparations are underway for a special event later this month. More information will be made available once that's ready!


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