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Event: Kekekeke Wither Rush

Posted by Doctacosa on 26 January 2015 at 12:22 [Link]

Skreelink, Zoo Keeper and Master of the Withers, is looking to entertain our community once more! A new event is being prepared, with prizes awarded to the best contestants. This will happen during next Events Night, Saturday January 31st, at around 10pm Eastern time, at the Wither Pleasure Lounge. Please make your way a few minutes early so that we're all ready to begin on time!

Be sure to come in large numbers for our first post-1.8 event! Full details below, provided by Skreelink himself.


A quick and dirty wither event to keep the masses toned down and satiated. Since we know how players love to die for their wither overlord. It's also a kind of celebration on the merging of Laurasia and Rodinia, inviting Rodinia-only players to take a trip over to see what they've been missing!

Nothing too fancy going on here, and quicker than the last couple of events. It'll be similar to the opening of the Wither Lounge. Rounds will be 1:1 player to wither with a hidden twist. Equipment is bring your own. Prizes are, of course, keeping the star if you manage. This will be in the Wither Pleasure Lounge.

Afterwards, player vote: PvP or Nether Spleef tourney.
In spleef: There will be a wither to deal with as well as your opponent (no requirement to kill, no prize if you do, except in finalist rounds.).
In PvP: Doc or myself might be dropping mobs on you as you PvP.
Pick your poison. If there's only a few contestants (under 6 maybe), then rounds are 2 out of 3.
PvP will be in the lounge, Spleef will be at Coldstone Crematorium.

Tourney prizes:
1st: 2 diamond blocks + 2 emerald blocks
2nd: 1 diamond block + 1 emerald block
3rd: 3 units of each.
4th: 1 unit of each.

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