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Event: Race to Survive!

Posted by Doctacosa on 8 November 2014 at 0:44 [Link]

Do you have the will and strength to endure and survive another event?

Skreelink is back with a new proposition to entertain you! The Race to Survive event is made of two major parts spread out in multiple locations on the server.

The first will involve players fighting predetermined sets of mobs at the Wither Lounge. Kill the beasts, get spoils and earn points to move up to the next round! The second part will involve RACING! Then, to wrap things up, a special bonus round that remains to be announced...

Due to how the event is setup and to make things as fun as possible, at least 10 players are required to participate! If that minimum isn't reached, the event will be postponed to another day.

There are multiple prizes available to be earned, but those are being kept under wraps as a surprise! All I'll tell you is that this should be well worth your time and efforts. There are enough ways to earn items that most players should be able to come back with at least something.

This event will take place next week, on November 15. Due to its extra length, we're planning to start shortly after the launch of Events Night at 9pm (Eastern time). Again, if the required minimum to 10 players isn't reached, the event will be delayed to another evening.

We hope to see you there!

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...I'm scared.

You should be.

I don't work! I hope I can make it

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