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Wither Spleef results!

Posted by Doctacosa on 19 October 2014 at 23:38 [Link]

Eight brave contestants decided to face the madness of a Nether Spleef event mixed with wither battles... but only one player could come out victorious!

nikkehammerfist came on top of the spleef tournament, defeating Dr. Cossack in the final round! She then proceeded to attempt to take down two withers at the same time in the Lounge... but unfortunately failed at the task. The top four spleef players, nikke, Dr. Cossack, Mikey_el16 and tranxalive then rushed in and covered themselves in glory with a flawless victory! They each earned 100 levels as a result.

Once again, my thanks go to Skreelink for preparing and running another successful event!

Wither Spleef Battle

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1 comment

Ha! There's my niece! And of course her brother was close behind as well. Spleef's in the blood. Congratz to all the particpants *inserts obligatory wish I could've been there* :')

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