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Mid-contest reminder, Stone Ville status

Posted by Doctacosa on 8 March 2014 at 23:01 [Link]

Reminder to all players: the building contest currently ongoing in Stone Ville has reached its middle point! You have two more weeks to complete your entry or get started on one, the deadline being on March 22nd at 23:59, Eastern Time! If you haven't begun yet, now is a good moment: several people have done their own entries in a few days only, which means that you have plenty of time to gather your materials, claim a lot and get building!

Speaking of Stone Ville, I'm now opening up the place for more buildings along with larger ones. If you're done with your contest entry (or don't have one!) and want to build something different, you're welcomed to do so. Likewise, you can also make larger builds by knocking down the fence separating two or more lots if you have a bigger idea waiting to be realized. For the sake of the contest itself, however, only one 25x25 lot will be considered by player. If you end up building on more than one area, please mark your contest entry clearly with your name and "Contest entry" on a sign. Also, for all construction works, keep in mind the general theme: ruined city downtown core!

Additionally, some of you might be interested in connecting your entries with the sewers. Salifax, Kagato and a few others are busy working on an extensive sewers network running under most of Stone Ville's streets. You are free to knock down the wall between your basement and the sewers themselves and make a passage of sorts. That area will be another ground to fight the future zombie uprising!

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Regarding the sewers, the Y level is 55 for the platforms along the edge of the sewer trough. Please be aware that the sewers are being built "fresh", and then after completed they will be "destroyified".
Since this is not part of the official contest entry, the sewers along your plot will not be considered during the judging. However, if you have an idea that could incorporate the sewers with your plot, knock yourself out. This includes but is not limited to:

- collapse the sewer wall
- put holes in it
- make debris in the sewer
- vine it up!
- replace stone bricks with cracked bricks, mossy, mossy brick, podzol, dirt, soul sand, etc to make it creepy.

For reference on how the sewers might end up eventually, visit the area next to my plot at -2864, -3853. There is a "manhole cover" in the street with a ladder down to the prototype of the ruined sewer look.

Please be respectful of your sewer neighbors, and if you want to "destroyify" a larger chunk, please check with your neighbors and the Stoneville Central Planning Committee (Doc) before going to town.

Grabbed a few shader renders of some of the Stoneville builds for your viewing pleasure.,iCm48HP,JsCSX43,Nr9Ed4s,OwQTCiO,Asn5cXt,Bs1WktP,1x0el1R,TJ5Ng9W,du3zVEd#0

Looking good! That sky works great as a devastation backdrop, even in broad daylight. I really should play around with texture packs sometime, especially for promotional screenshots.

So. March 22nd has come and gone. What are the results of the great Stone Ville contest?

Some problems during the last week have delayed the judging process a bit, unfortunately. We're now waiting on the results from the last judge!

Thanks for the update.

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