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Map clean-up - check on your stuff!

Posted by Doctacosa on 14 September 2013 at 16:56 [Link]

I've made some allusions to this, now it's time to move forward.

We're planning a major map cleaning operation, and we need your help. Old, unused areas will be deleted in two weeks to help the server run smoothly and to prepare for future updates.

More precisely, the goals of this operation are:
- Remove unusued land
- Eliminate old, abandoned buildings
- Decrease the size of the map
- Allow new 1.7 chunks to generate closer to inhabited areas

What you need to do
Check the server map. Multiple areas are marked in red. Those are the spots that are scheduled to be deleted unless someone claims any given part. Please check through the areas where you've been active in the past and that you wish to keep to make sure they aren't in a red zone. If anything is in there and you want to keep it, please reply to this news post with the coordinates and how we should deal with it.

Ideally, any buildings you want to keep that are within the red zones will be moved on a free spot of your choice somewhere else on the map. If that proves to be impossible, we'll keep your building and the area surrounding it.

Additionally, if there are areas on the map where you've built isolated from everyone else and are ready to give up, please reply with the coordinates so we can remove it and clear up more space. This can make a big difference, so please take a few minutes and see if you're willing to let something unmarked go!

Note that the current plans call for the map trimming to be done on September 28th. That's in two weeks. As such, if there's something you'd like to have moved/preserved, please contact us before then!

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There are 3 things that i have in the deletion areas.

First is a mushroom island at X:3000 Z:14700 all i care about is the island any area around it can be deleted.

Second is another mushroom island at X:37600 Z:6200 the only thing that needs to be saved is the island itself every thing else can be deleted.

Third is a island thats a snow biome at X:25050 Z:800 same thing as other two save island delete everything else.

Thats it from me.

Would you like the islands simply saved, or would you like them moved?

To clarify, there is a lot of free water around the Townshend area. I'm willing to move islands in that place to fill it up a bit, if it allows me to remove the marked spots.

Also, do you have any other isolated islands that you explored yet didn't build anything on? I didn't flag all random ocean pathways because people don't usually care about these, but I'll be removing some of them as well (as I do with each cleaning round).

im on the edge of one of the red zone, so ill lose some stuff, but ive only been really playing for 2 days, so luckily i dont have to much stuff to lose! if it means the server is going to run better and smoother then i am happy to move. yeah its goign to suck starting over again. but thats the fun of minecraft! so you're clear for the clean up! i have moved

Well, you don't have to start over. That's the thing. You can designate an area you want us to move your house and stuff to or - if you absolutely loooooove where you are - we can change the red zone so it doesn't include your place.

Oh whew, my eastern desert area is still live. I was a lil worried about that when I saw the notice.

My house is in a red zone, its coordinates are at X:26016 Y:49 Z:-1699. Could you save my house?please, thank you. :)

Hi Knight!

I've redrawn the red areas to exclude your house. I assume this is good now?

The section marked as "Temp Home" in your screenshot is Stealthy's area. You don't have any claims on that spot, do you?

Hey, Doc
Thank you so much and yea could you save the island and the big glass done, if you could please.

Got it. I've redrawn the area so that'd be preserved, too!

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