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1 June 2024 at 22:15
Monthly challenges update: June 2024
From Doctacosa

For June, we're trying something a bit different! UHC is an encore with better settings, while the guilds have a surprise in store.

  • UHC
  • Hunter's Lodge
  • Horsemen Quests
  • Guilds tasks


Let's try this again!

UHC with an expanding world, take 2! The world starts small and will gradually open up through the month. The world border will only expand while people are active in the world, so you will have to practice your survival skills if you're hoping to travel a bit!

Compared to last month, you have a larger starting area and a world that expands faster, giving you a better chance at completing the challenge.

Your goals, as always, are the following:

  • Crafting a bookshelf
  • Crafting an enchantment table
  • Access the Nether
  • Pick up a blaze rod


The BONES are back, in a stack, that looks like a tower! It's so hot now that summer has come and Heat Miser has made is presence known in the Hunter's Lodge! Come help us clear out some bones, and keep Heat Miser from scorching the land!

Submit your name for progression as a Horsemen Acolyte every month, from the lobby! Earn Acolyte Token to gain access to various perks, such as exclusive areas and access to the Horsemen chat. Join the fun!


June special: the tasks for May can now be completed up to 7 times. The normal rotation will be delayed.

The guilds have new targets available. You have until the end of this month to complete them and claim your tokens in each world! You can also continue progressing on Gondwana's Specialist tasks. The targets aren't to your liking? All players can choose to drop suggestions in Laurasia's guildhall for the next month!

WARNING: Upcoming update to 1.20.6 may result in guilds downtime. Please plan appropriately.

If you need details on any of these, the wiki page about the Monthly Challenges is updated as soon as each of these is ready at the beginning of the month!

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