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16 May 2024 at 19:25
A 15th anniversary for Minecraft!
From Doctacosa

Minecraft has reached its 15th anniversary, while the Creeper's Lab has been around for over 12 of these! To celebrate this, various promotions are currently live. I've compiled all the ones I've found below, maybe there's something for you in there!

Minecraft is now at least 50% on all platforms. The base game usually doesn't get any rebates, so if you wanted an extra alt, this is your chance. The mobile and console versions are also on sale, if you wanted to play it on a different platform.

The other games from the Minecraft universe are on sale too! If you meant to try out Dungeons and Legends, or if a friend wanted to join you in multiplayer, now is the right time.

Fans of capes, you can get TWO new ones! Watching Minecraft videos on Twitch and TikTok under some conditions (especially staying for 10-15 minutes) will give you codes that you can redeem to get a cape from each platform. They're available to both Java and Bedrock players!

But wait, there's more!! You can claim the very green, creeper-faced anniversary cape directly from Mojang's anniversary page. Just login and claim it!

Speaking of Bedrock players, you can access the Marketplace daily until 29 May to get new items for your character. Head there and hit the top banner to find them.

People living in the United States (minus Rhode Island) can be eligible to win one of five gift cards at the Minecraft Shop, for a value of up to $500 USD. Forget virtual capes, try for something in that real life thing instead!

Scroll down on Minecraft's dedicated anniversary page to find various wallpapers, and the return of an actual classic: Minecraft Classic itself, playable in your browser!

If your keyboard is due for a replacement, or you're looking for an upgrade, new limited-edition premium keyboards will be available on 29 May from Higround.

As a last touch, Google has added an Easter egg if you search for "minecraft". Just try it out!

I'll update this post if I find something else!

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