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1 February 2024 at 19:21
Chinese New Year event!
From Rebbica007

Chinese New Year has come once again and this year, it's the Year of the Dragon! This means the Year Dealer has a new book for you.

Starting on 1 February 2024 through 24 February 2024 at 5 pm EST you have the chance to complete the challenge of defeating all the Zodiac Years and their "God" for 15 Merit Points! Find some special shrine offerings and cash it in up to 5 times to receive 5 Merit Points each time, for a total of up to 40 Merit Points at the end of the event! * Note: This event is NOT inventory synced at the beginning.

Head on over to Seasonal to explore the shops, find the Zodiacs, find the secret bosses and receive rewards! Just like a real festival, the sound of fireworks are quite loud, so adjust your volume accordingly!

You can access seasonal starting 1 February 2024 from the TransHub in Central on Laurasia and Seasonal will be accessible via the Challenge World portal in the Lobby. You can get to the TransHub by going to Central. It is right next to the train station and TARDIS.

Where to start:

Upon arrival, you will see a button directly at your feet. Pressing this will give you starting currency, which can be traded for a Starter Pack at the Starting House further down the path. This contains helpful equipment and food to get you started!

After leaving the spawn area, you will notice a large circular Zodiac Calendar on the ground that has 13 Zodiac shrines. After defeating the Zodiac member(s) around the world, make sure to come back and register the Zodiac heads at this calendar! This is the only way to progress through the challenge of defeating their "God".

In addition to the Zodiac challenge, there are now dig sites available! Who knows what you may find. Make sure to give it a try!

If you are running out of inventory space, head on over to Public Storage (pixel art of the chest). Use a sign and label your chest (please only take one chest so others have a chance for storage as well). There are more Shulker Boxes for sale in the Convenience store to help save on space and Shulker Drop Zones can be located by looking for a lime green beacon beam.

List of potential rewards:

  • Up to 40 Merit Points
  • The Angelic Flaming Sword, Holy Shield, and Angel Wings
  • The Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (Upgraded Angelic Flaming Sword)
  • The Seraphim Wings (Upgraded Angel Wings)
  • The Relic Dreadnought Sword (Upgraded Dreadnought Sword)
  • Treasure Shrines that reward Material Chests hidden throughout the world
  • 5 Guild Black Market Tokens
  • 5 Horseman Black Market Tokens
  • Transverse Tokens

Hop on over and explore the festival, enjoy the fireworks and most importantly, have fun!

IMPORTANT: Inventories will be synced starting on 25 February 2024 after 5 pm EST through 29 February 2024. Make sure you empty out your end chests, inventories and armour slots on Seasonal before this time frame to ensure you do not lose any items!

When inventory sync occurs, you will still be able to trade in the event currency at the villagers, but you cannot receive any more of this event currency. Keep this in mind as you enjoy the festival!

Changes made from the previous event:

  • Dig sites have been added for more archaeology goodies.
  • Already have the Angel Wings? Well now you can upgrade it! This works with Angel Wings from previous years too, so if you want one for display you can always upgrade the one you get this year.
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