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22 January 2024 at 13:02
Official Minecraft Server List!
From Doctacosa

This is as real as it gets: the Creeper's Lab is now listed on the Official Minecraft Server List! This gives us an additional online presence while being a new location that people can vote for us. But what's all this vote stuff, anyway?

Voting is possible on some Minecraft servers list. Its main purpose is to let players give their stamp of approval on their favorite server, which they can do daily. This affects the ranking of this server, more votes raising it to a higher position. This puts them in a better position to be discovered by new players.

At the Creeper's Lab, there are now nine lists that you can vote for us on. In exchange, if you vote on at least half of them on a given day, you will be granted 1 Merit Point that you can use for various perks.

Not interested in Merit Points? You're still invited to vote for us as often as you can (daily!) as it helps us being more visible and recruiting new players! It's a small gesture that can have a visible effect if enough people get together.

You can find the voting links on the Help page as well as in the Voting section of our app, the Creeper's Lab Companion.

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