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14 January 2024 at 12:27
Rebalanced player levels
From Doctacosa

The player levels that are part of your profile have been rebalanced! Most of you should have gained some levels due to this.

The player levels are calculated by your in-game activity. Some of the values have been changed to improve the numbers:

  • Guilds earnings were raised.
  • Horsemen Areas were revised.
  • Achievements are now based on their relative rarity.

To expand to this last point, Creeper's Lab achievements are now split in two groups: core and advanced. Advanced achievements are of higher difficulty than core targets, so they're now worth more points. The total amount obtained is about the same. You can see the list from your forum profile or on Osmium.

This update also ensures that future additions to game features are balanced properly, so that the scale doesn't need to be redefined.

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