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7 February 2023 at 22:22
In memory of doorgunnerjgs
From Doctacosa

Most players here will be familiar with doorgunnerjgs, a regular that's been with us for many years. Unfortunately, I have to inform you that he passed away last week, on January 31st, at the age of 79.

As you might be aware, door was invited to play with us by his son, Exodio (hi Uncle Sal!). His grandsons have also spent quite a bit of time with us: AlphaSniper828, Aaranvor, KylosaurusRenx and AwesomeBoyStar and dinosaureats, plus other friends and relatives. These would sometime meet us in-game, or just watch over another's shoulder.

His enthusiasm over his builds, his many hobbies and his family were a staple of his visits, just the same as his determined focus when he was busy building another project in his corner of the world. He will be missed.

Bye Door! It's been real...

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Very unfortunate news to hear. He will be truly missed and the great memories we have with him will be cherished

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