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Build contest: An underwater base!

Posted by Doctacosa on 13 September 2021 at 21:46 [Link]

It's time for a new building contest, with a fresh concept! StTheo invites you to build none other than an underwater base, made out of multiple interconnected modules.

The top three winners can win 50, 30 and 15 Merit Points respectively.

The contest starts today and will last three weeks, thus ending on Monday, 4 October. Get in early to showcase your creativity!

Here's StTheo with the full details and rules.


The barely functional remains of an underwater base have been discovered near the town of Haven. In an effort to study it, researchers have decided to enlist builders to expand it into a functional research colony.

This is heavily inspired by the game "Subnautica".


The town of Haven lies in the far north, accessible on both the overworld and nether sides from Sanctum. On the nether side, travel from the "StTheo" stop and use the door marked with a "Haven" sign.

The town is a work in progress and a literal shell of its former self, but does have a stocked general store (housing the nether portal) you are free to use with lots of supplies for building projects.

The contest area itself is south of Haven, out of Haven's rail station. I've set up armor stands guiding the way to the contest area and signs at the actual tracks.


Builds will be judged 50/50 on aesthetics vs functionality, but only if the module does not put the base at risk. Functionality will be judged leniently - a glass dome and a single chair has relaxation benefits, if that's what the module for.

Multiple modules per builder are allowed, but the builder must clearly mark whichever one they want judged.

No build will be judged if the "required" modules are not complete.

The Rules


The base will be made out of modules. Modules must fit in one or two of the pre-determined plots.

The base will start out with a few hallways to build off of, but afterwards it will be up to the colonists how to expand it.

  • You can (and may need to) build modules off of other modules.
  • When building modules, claim a plot immediately with a sign so that other builders aren't taken by surprise.

Required Modules

There must be at least one of each of these modules before the base can be considered complete and judging can begin.

  • Storeroom: Just needs 6 or more containers (double chest counts as 2) for storing building materials and tools.
  • Dormitory: At least 4 beds (in one dormitory or across several) for visitors and those living in the base without their own room.
  • Common Area: Just needs a few chairs and/or anything people might need for de-stressing.
  • Food Production: Needs food storage and a furnace or smoker.
  • Infirmary: Needs a source of water (without directly breaching the hull), a brewing stand, one or more chairs, and one or more beds.


Your module must not put the base in danger.

  • Hull must be made of sensible blocks: solid, non porous, non-organic.
    • I'll try to be lenient about this: cobblestone would be ok, wood and sponges would not.
    • You can have non-hull blocks on the inside or outside of the hull.
  • Glass is acceptable for the hull (and might look nice).
  • Doors between modules are recommended, iron or piston doors are required for module pressurization.
    • Modules with direct access to the ocean must be pressurized.
    • Piston doors are acceptable and look cooler. They also take up more space, and traditional redstone doesn't really handle well underwater.




Store Room is functional, but more to come. I've at least got the 6+ double chests set up and unlocked for use at the moment. I'm planning to add more as evidenced by the size... but hey at least it's functional as of now.


So i thought i understood the instructions but now I'm second guessing myself. Is each player to build the 4 areas within their build, or is each player to choose a room to focus on and build?


The minimum requirement is for a player to build ONE module type. Each module fits within one or two plots. You can do more if you want, but that's not necessary.


Ahhh, yeah i totally thought i had to do all the modules to be considered for voting... oh well. :party:

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