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Beginning of the year updates

Posted by Doctacosa on 2 January 2015 at 23:51 [Link]

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!

Here are a few news tidbits to kick off 2015.

Podcast #02

Our second podcast session was streamed back in November, although I didn't get the chance to post it until today due to a few issues. This episode featured host Mikey_el16, SoratheEliteOne and myself taking about the servers, gaming news, chess, and more!

You can listen to it at the following locations:
- Direct download
- YouTube

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed using your favorite podcasts app to automatically get notified of new episodes!

Steam raffle

MagicMarker101, the manager of our Steam Community, is planning a raffle of video games amongst our members! The following five games will be distributed:

- DLC Quest
- Don't Starve
- Half-Life 1 Anthology
- Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

All you have to do to possibly win one of these is to be part of our Steam group! Winners will be drawn on January 10th, and you'll be contacted with information on how to claim your game.

As a reminder, we're also on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter and YouTube!

Cha0sQc maze

Cha0sQc has prepared another maze to test your patience and sense of direction! It's recommended that you get ready to spend some time being lost: the current speed record stands at 45 minutes!

The maze is easily reachable during Events Night using the teleporters network. To reach it and try to make the best score, drop by the End of Time, enter the Mazes category, and go through the door labelled "Cha0sQc's Second Maze". Bring food, and try to best everyone else!

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1 comment

Well when I went in my MAZE today to see if anyone else had tried it out, I saw Sphenicus wrote that he completed in 13 min. My first thought was he just came back on his steps and thought he finished it. But just to make sure that you could complete the MAZE without taking one BAD direction (92 of them by the way) how much time would it take me to run thru it. My time was 12 min. So it's plausible that without one bad turn that he did it in 13 min. All I have to say is, if at the end you do not see the signs saying "JUMP HERE -> to finish" Then you have not completed the maze. So my congratulations to Sphenicus for his remarkable time accomplishment.

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