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Falling trees change

Posted by Doctacosa on 18 January 2014 at 16:20 [Link]

As many of you have noticed, our quick tree felling plugin, MyriadAxe (/maon) wasn't working on the new tree types introduced in Minecraft 1.7. As such, I've replaced it with the much more up-to-date ChopTree2.

To enable this feature, when playing, type /togglechop. As before, aim for the lowest log of the tree with an axe to see it all come crashing down! You can reenter the same command to disable it, which is especially handy if you're going to work near wood houses to avoid accidents.

This new method works on all tree types currently available. It will also auto-rotate the logs from bigger oak trees so you don't end up with weird sideways ones. However, no sapling will be automtically replanted! If you need one, you'll have to gather it from the decaying leaves.

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Safari's, prepare to feel my wrath! :P

I've edited our 'Welcome Aboard' video over on youtube to reflect the change in plugin.

Might want to warn that unlike /maon, /togglechop does NOT turn off when logging off (no pun intended). I logged back on and /togglechopped and it was already on. FYI.

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