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Island contest results!

The builders each had a single island to work with, no explicit theme being given. As such, each person took their build in a different direction.

Craftman0, Dr. Cossack and Raegal went from entry to entry, judging them on how nice they look and how original they got.

This contest ran from 2016-06-01 to 2016-06-30.

MountainB0y: 9.50
Preview Preview

Craftmen0: Very nice stone structure.

Dr. Cossack: Large, detailed and quite nice to look at, too! Lots of nice little touches scattered around, including those colorful banners.

Raegal: Excellent use of available resources. Way to turn a small island into a very respectable sub-terrainian base complete with flair and good use of design.

axe_y: 8.50
Preview Preview

Craftmen0: I like the undergound area, the untouched ores are a nice touch

Dr. Cossack: Original idea to have the island float in the air, and nice way to complement it by doing something far below too. The ores scattered around are a nice touch, although I still find that area's scenery somewhat flat.

Raegal: I dig the lava lounge. The airship is cool. The interior of the floating island feels empty.

SoraThePumpking: 7.67

Craftmen0: Nice fortress to defend against guardians

Dr. Cossack: The cannons are fun to look at, the ship has a nice about of detailing, and the island base has a decent size as well. Nice balance all around!

Raegal: The cannons are a nice touch. Nice style.

GingeKoda: 7.50

Craftmen0: interesting design

Dr. Cossack: I dig the pods-like setup and the contents enclosed within. The base of the pillar itself has a nice shape, although I feel like it'd have been spruced out a bit still.

Raegal: Interesting designs.

MurderMerls: 6.83

Craftmen0: Very nice resort looking island.... chickens

Dr. Cossack: The unusual inhabitants of this place seem to enjoy its looks, and so do I. Cozy hot bath. I'm especially digging those fancy coconut trees!

Raegal: Points for humor. I'd have liked to have seen more though.

doorgunnerjgs: 6.67

Craftmen0: Very nice island home and dock

Dr. Cossack: I like how the surrounding square + garden spots give this the impression of being location in a quiet lagoon somewhere in the Pacific. The rooms look a bit empty, but I still like how the resort building came out.

Raegal: Looks like the start of something interesting, but it feels like you ran out of time or were busy last month.

SomeGuyNamedLex: 5.83

Craftmen0: Another nice house

Dr. Cossack: I like the paths and the attempt to integrate your build with the island's natural state instead of simply taking it over. At the same time, something outside of the main house should've been added to make the place appear a bit busier.

Raegal: Neat ideas here.

AngelikLark and Primalis: 5.33

Craftmen0: A nice house, and an half finished castle

Dr. Cossack: I'm not sure what I'm looking at, here. I like the basic design and pattern, but it looks like you abruptly gave up on your build.

Raegal: A nice start, but it looks like you ran out of time or were busy this month and couldn't put time into your build. Better luck next time.

Primagen: 5.00

Craftmen0: Very good start no some sort of plan

Dr. Cossack: I like the shape and design of what I'm seeing, but at the same time, its incomplete in various regards.

Raegal: Looks like an interesting start to something. I'd have liked to see more though.

Coneva: 2.67

Craftmen0: No plan seems to be developing but still looks like good start

Dr. Cossack: Praised be the glowstone shrine.

Raegal: Some interesting designs here, a little functionality there. It's a good foundation at least.

Aaranvor: 2.33

Craftmen0: looks like theres a start

Dr. Cossack: It seems like you had a plan, but didn't spend enough time on it. Better luck next time!

Raegal: Looks like the start of something cool, but I assume you didn't have much time/interest to put into this.

Kagato: 2.00

Craftmen0: Looks like a plan was formed

Dr. Cossack: Nice square!

Raegal: You were busy this month and couldn't put a lot of time into this. That's a shame. :/ Better luck next time.

Josh555: 1.67

Craftmen0: Looks like a foundation to a house

Dr. Cossack: Wood square!

Raegal: A foundation and a mini tree farm. It's a start~

Toad_: 1.50

Craftmen0: There is just a block of cobble embedded into the ground

Dr. Cossack: Praised be the cobblestone shrine.

Raegal: Not a whole lot going on here.

Trunk_Monkey: 1.50

Dr. Cossack: It's... something.

Raegal: It's a start, but not much more than that. Better luck next time.

Exodio: 1.00

Craftmen0: Fairly unfinished

Dr. Cossack: It's an island!

Raegal: Busy month was busy for you. Better luck next time.