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Version: 1.11.2
Play with: 1.11.1 - 1.11.2
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Latest achievements

These are the latest achievements earned on the Survival server.

2017-05-22 at 2:30:04
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2017-05-21 at 19:00:04
Burj Khalifa Fall
Get 828 points of falling damage
2017-05-21 at 11:00:04
All Time Player
Be online for at least 10 days
2017-05-21 at 1:30:04
Cart Snob
Ride 2 kilometers on a horse
2017-05-21 at 1:30:04
First Blood
Kill another player in PvP
2017-05-21 at 1:30:04
Kill 5 players in PvP
2017-05-21 at 1:30:04
Kill 10 players in PvP
2017-05-21 at 1:30:04
Tau'ri Travel
Travel through portals 100 times
2017-05-21 at 0:00:04
Nature's Attacker
Deal 1000 points of damage
2017-05-20 at 16:00:08
Medieval Knight
Assemble a full set of chainmail armor
2017-05-20 at 16:00:05
Tau'ri Travel
Travel through portals 100 times
2017-05-20 at 16:00:05
Travel through a portal 500 times
2017-05-20 at 16:00:04
Stupid Squids
Kill 20 squids
2017-05-20 at 16:00:04
Cart Snob
Ride 2 kilometers on a horse
2017-05-19 at 18:30:03
Find a natural diamond
2017-05-19 at 18:00:06
Sunset, sunrise, sunset...
Ride the Transcontinental Line
2017-05-19 at 16:30:04
Tau'ri Travel
Travel through portals 100 times
2017-05-19 at 9:00:04
Tau'ri Travel
Travel through portals 100 times
2017-05-19 at 6:30:03
Walk 42.195 meters
2017-05-19 at 5:00:03
Hidden Treasure
Find silverfish in a block
2017-05-19 at 2:00:04
Nature's Attacker
Deal 1000 points of damage
2017-05-18 at 1:30:03
Find a natural diamond
2017-05-17 at 19:00:04
Dubious Taste
Craft a golden hoe
2017-05-17 at 3:00:04
Not Lemon-Flavored
Bake and showcase a cake!
2017-05-17 at 0:00:03
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server



Achievements are in!

Posted by Doctacosa on August 28, 2012 at 2:39 [Link]

A new gameplay element has been added to our server today: achievements!

Achievements are awarded for reaching some goals, such as travelling a certain distance, finding diamonds, killing mobs, and so on. They are earned in-game, of course, and can be viewed from your message board profile. The full list of achievements is available over there. You can also track your own progress on this dedicated page in your member profile. As players earn them, public notifications will be displayed in-game to share the news! All pages of this site will display the latest 10 achievements earned by the players in the right sidebar. Notifications get updated once every 30 minutes.

50 achievements are currently available, although many of these aren't displayed anywhere yet: you'll discover what the goals are as you reach them! No player will be able to get these in a few days only, as the objectives are quite spread out. New targets will be added eventually, too!

If you want to compare yourself to others, and see how your friends are doing, add them as friends on the board and view your Stream! An entry will be added everytime someone you know reached a goal! Here's a guide to get you started.

The stats used to determine which achievements you're earning have been reset today, so only events happening from now on will count!

Happy hunting!

UPDATE: For the first few days, the achievements would either be delayed or not given properly to some players. This has been fixed!

Server updated - Fixes chunk losses!

Posted by Doctacosa on August 20, 2012 at 4:22 [Link]

The server has been updated to the latest version of Bukkit tonight. This fixes the chunk loss problem that a few select users have run into again and again. You're now free to enjoy playing without losing your hard work!

Update to 1.3.2 at will

Posted by Doctacosa on August 17, 2012 at 4:56 [Link]

For anyone wondering, you're free to update your game client to 1.3.2. It's compatible with the current version of the server!

Server upgraded to 1.3.1!

Posted by Doctacosa on August 9, 2012 at 1:58 [Link]

The server upgrade gave me a bit more trouble than expected, but it's now online and fully operational! I know several of you have been waiting for this, so update your client and join us to discover the new features!

Server down, awaiting update

Posted by Doctacosa on August 8, 2012 at 4:33 [Link]

I attempted to update the server to 1.3 tonight, but unfortunately things didn't go as planned. No data was lost, and the map is intact.. However, this makes the server completely unplayable for most players. Until an update is published or I can find a workaround, I've got no choice but to keep it offline. I'm not expecting this to last more than a day or two, but I can't make promises on this! I'm sorry about this unexpected turn of events.

In the meanwhile, if you want to keep in touch with the other players, the chatroom remains available to use. You can also drop by the message board to talk about either Minecraft, video games or other unrelated topics!

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