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Latest achievements

These are the latest achievements earned on the Survival server.

2018-06-22 at 22:00:04
Night Time Player
Be online for at least 96 hours
2018-06-20 at 21:00:03
Wise Old Man
Gain 5000 experience points in your lifetime
2018-06-20 at 21:00:03
Dry Dry Land
Pick up 200 units of regular sand from the ground
2018-06-20 at 21:00:03
Walk 42.195 meters
2018-06-20 at 21:00:03
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2018-06-20 at 21:00:03
Tough Love
Get kicked from the server
2018-06-18 at 18:00:04
Server Fixture
Be online for 20 days
2018-06-14 at 15:00:03
Let's Rock-n-Roll
Create a jukebox
2018-06-14 at 13:00:04
Nature's Attacker
Deal 1000 points of damage
2018-06-14 at 13:00:04
My Precious
Craft a Golden Apple
2018-06-14 at 12:30:02
Create a cauldron
2018-06-14 at 12:30:02
Find a natural diamond
2018-06-14 at 12:00:05
Experienced Man
Gain 500 experience points in your lifetime
2018-06-13 at 22:00:03
Loose Belt
Drop your iron pants... twice
2018-06-13 at 15:30:03
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2018-06-11 at 1:00:04
Withering Wither
Land the finishing blow on the Wither
2018-06-10 at 19:30:04
Have Sword, Will Travel
Fight in all arenas
2018-06-05 at 2:30:02
Cart Hater
Ride 50 kilometers on a horse
2018-06-02 at 22:30:04
Medieval Knight
Assemble a full set of chainmail armor
2018-06-02 at 22:30:03
Travel through a portal 500 times
2018-06-02 at 12:30:02
Find an elytra
2018-06-02 at 12:00:03
Moon Cheese
Collect End Stone
2018-05-31 at 21:00:04
Burj Khalifa Fall
Get 828 points of falling damage
2018-05-31 at 7:30:03
Mommy, It Burns!
Take 100 points of damage from lava
2018-05-30 at 10:00:05
Nature's Obliterator
Deal 50.000 points of damage

Contest #5 results!

This page presents all the entries received during the space contest, which took place on the Creeper's Lab from September 21st to October 18th, 2014. This took place in a new world, named Amasia, always being in darkness to simulate outer space. The entries are listed below from the highest to the lowest score.

Three judges, Dr. Cossack, Mikey_el16 and Septina evaluated each entry on a note from 0 to 10. Criteras included how well the construction followed the given theme (space), how well the player used the space available and the amount of detail that has been added. Additionally, the judges provided comments to explain how each entry was rated.

Katame and starfyredragon: 9 / 10
Space & Moon Elevators
Preview Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: The complexity and scope of it all is impressive, and you're the only ones who dared to risk using all the space available. All the touches you both added really make this work: guided tour, guidebook, space suits, even underground areas... You obviously know the topic in-depth!

Septina: I love the use of space you did with your buildings

Anonymous_SoFar and MediaKlepto: 8.83 / 10
Saturn V
Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: The mighty Saturn V, almost ready for launch! Full scale reproductions are always nice, and you worked the details well. The flag is an extremely nice touch, difficult to get right at this scale!

Septina: nice details, but looks like you ran out of time for the booster you were building

AshaLina: 8.5 / 10
Cirrus Inn & Bar
Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: A rest stop is a good idea: weary travelers definitely enjoy having a place to take a break! The nether brick tower could have used some colorful highlight: the dark color, with a dark sky, means that it doesn't stand out very well.

ADeadlyFish: 7.33 / 10
Moon Studio
Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Very funny and creative idea: a fake Moon landing studio! Lots of nice touches all around, and the oldish looking cameras really seal the deal. A car or two in the parking lot would have made things even better!

Septina: "It's a conspiracy man!"

Andromedea1: 6 / 10
Flying Ship

Dr. Cossack: This space ship features several good ideas, such a detailed hull and actual cargo. The giant anchor looks great! You should add a way for people to be able to visit the inside, though.

Septina: Space ship is kind of empty inside

DaBestGamer_01, Kingdaddytoad, SoratheEliteOne, TenacArmy: 5.33 / 10
The Sun

Dr. Cossack: It seems like you were off to a good start, but just kind of fell apart. I'd love to see it finished eventually!

Septina: planet? moon? Deathstar?

HimochiKouen: 5 / 10
Eagle Transport

Dr. Cossack: I expected to see more fictional starships overall, but you delivered a fine one! The outside textures feel a bit flat, though, and the insides look a bit barren.

Septina: Where do they sleep?

Sphenicus: 5 / 10
USS Reliant
Preview Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: I'll get you, Khan!

MaximumRose: 4 / 10
Star Wars

Dr. Cossack: You had a fun theme going, it's too bad that you didn't come back to finish it. You can always do it later!

Septina: "Yoda, where is?"

xobybr: 2.33 / 10

Dr. Cossack: It looks like you had a neat idea, but didn't carry it through. Making an entire star field with various cosmic elements could have been interesting!

Septina: Black Hole idea is nice, but looks unfinished

Two other creations were also made in Amasia in the spirit of the contest, but weren't officially entered as the builders were also judges.

Dr. Cossack
USS Enterprise
Preview Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: 1-6-3-0-9